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Uncoated NZ Abalone Paua Shell Rims

Uncoated NZ Abalone Paua Shell Rims

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A distinct fanning pattern created from slicing the outer rim of our own quality Lumea New Zealand Abalone paua shells, this Luméa Uncoated Shell Veneer Sheets is a thin, semi-opaque flat sheet. When inlayed against a solid dark substrate such as wood, metal or plastic, the natural blues, greens, purples and pinks of the paua shell take on more depth and become more vibrant.

The uncoated finish is perfect if sanding is required after you have inlayed the sheet, and you would like to apply your own coating. The sheets can withstand a light sanding to remove any residue from glues used during the inlaying process. You can further enhance the colours by using a natural wax, urethane or resin coating on top of the veneer once it is in place.

Commonly used in marquetry and parquetry, or for embellishing furniture and musical instruments, the versatility is limited only to the imagination of the designer. Can be cut with a sharp craft knife, scissors or laser cutter.
For more detailed technical information please view our Tech Specs and FAQ's or get in touch with us to speak with our inhouse technical experts.

Shell Type: New Zealand Abalone Paua (Haliotis iris)
Colour: Mixed blue/green/purple/pink
Finish: Unocated
Quality: A
Pattern: Fan
Thickness: Approx. 0.3mm
Sizes Available: 240X140mm only
Backing: No backing